Game Rules

Gunman Airsoft Midlands 

GeNeral site rules
  • We would be grateful if you leave the site as you find it.   Bins are provided for you in and outside of the safezone areas.  Please use them.
  • The boundaries of the game zone are identified by the high green fence that surrounds it.
  • Do not direct fire outside of the game zone.
  • Do not climb in or on the vehicles
  • Please be aware of your footing.  There are low branches, rabbit holes & doorways around site.  
  • Anywhere marked off with hazard tape is deemed to be out of bounds, please do not cross the tape.
  • In the event of a fire please, inform a game marshal immediately and make your way to the fire assembly point, which is the big tree on the lawn.
  • The Game Site opens at 08:30 am and you are welcome to arrive after this time.  We advise arrival between 08:30 and 09:30.
Standard  rules
  • All guns must be chrono’d by a Marshall using your preferred weight of bb’s.
  • Under 18's must wear full face protection and cannot use Pyro of any kind.
  • Goggles must be warn at all times when in the game zone.
  • Unless a Marshall tell you it's safe to do so you MUST NOT REMOVE THEM on the game field.
  • If your goggles fall off or are damaged, place your hands  over your eyes and call “MAN DOWN” a Marshall will come to your aid. 
  • We strongly recommend full face protection for ALL Players.  
  • To help speed things up between games we would be grateful if, once a game has ended,  you would reload mags etc before you do anything else I.e having a drink as this will help us get back out for the next game as quickly as possible.
Site etiquette
  • Drinking of alcohol during game time is not allowed and this rule will be strictly enforced.
  • If any Marshall believes you are incapacitated due to the effects or after effects of alcohol or any other substance we reserve the right to remove you from the game.
  • Excessive and abusive language will not be tolerated ( which also includes hit calling.  If you have a problem with another shooter or any aspect of game play please speak to a Marshall ).
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in the Game Zone, or any of the safe zone areas.  If you would like to smoke please do so in the designated areas.
Safezone and going safe
  • All weapons must have their magazines removed and have no bb’s in the firing chamber when leaving game zone.  To clear it turn the gun upside down and fire a few shots on semi/single with the magazine removed..
  • All guns must be on saf in safe zone areas.  If your gun has no safety the battery must be disconnected before entering safezone or leave it outside in the game area.
  • No dry firing in the safezone.   
Gun safety 
  • At point blank range a single shot is sufficient 
  • Guns must not be fired for more than 3 seconds on full auto to prevent overkill and have a 10 metre engagement range with full auto..
  • No blind firing be sure you have a target to shoot at and can see down the length of your gun.
  • When entering buildings, guns should be lowered to prevent head shots.
  • Surrender call!! At point blank range you may use ‘surrender’ call to reduce the change of injury , the callers gun must be operational. This is a gentleman’s call not a game rule.
Getting hit 
  • When shot a clear call of ‘HIT, HIT, HIT’ should be made and hand placed in the air to show you are out of the game.
  • A hit is anywhere on the body,  your gun or an item you are carrying.
  • Solid ricochets should be taken as a hit.
  • Once out of game and moving to respawn use ‘DEAD PLAYER WALKING’ as a call.
  • Dead players ‘DO NOT TALK’ even on radios. Other than ‘DEAD PLAYER LOOKING FOR A RESPAWN’ if on buddy respawn.
  • Dead players should make their way to a live team mate (buddy) or a respawn point and take a loud, slow 10 second count before reentering the game again.
  • A buddy respawn must be stationery and the dead player must place one hand on the live player.  There must not be any incoming or outgoing fire within 5 metres of this action. If, while respawning a buddy,  either of the players are shot they are both out of play.
  • Do not respawn in the middle of a firefight.


  • All pyro must be approved by a Marshall.
  • NO homemade pyro of any-kind.
  • NO coloured smokes.
  • Any heavy cased pyro must be underarm rolled or dropped.
  • Pyro’s must not be thrown at a live target.
  • No blind throwing of pyro.
  • Pyro’s clear a whole building or have a 5 metre blast radius outside soft cover has no effect ( only hard cover on site is the 2 bunker areas , the walls in and around compound , and the fort walls , land rovers )
  • No running from pyro.
  • Once a pyro has been thrown do not interact with it I.e picking it up or kicking it
  • Pyros must be manufactured by either TLSFX or Enola Gaye
  • Smoke Grenades may use WHITE smoke only
  • Smoke Grenades must be no longer than a 30 second burn time
  • Pyro can not be used by players under 18 years of age at any time or in any situation.
Knife kills
  • Must be with a rubber knife ( never a real one)
  • A tap on the back or shoulder only ( never a heavy strike or stabbing thrust  )
First aid & man down
  • All Marshalls carry a basic first aid kit.
  • If you take a tumble or see someone else go down who seems unable to call it for themselves call “MAN DOWN”. A marshall will get to the incident as soon as possible.
  • If you hear a “MAN DOWN” call do not rush over to help, stay where you are.  Make your weapons safe and place on the ground next to you and wait for the game to restart / for further instructions from the game team..
  • “MAN DOWN” is not to be used as an in game call.   It is only to be used if your eye pro / face protection come off or if an accident has occured.
  • If you need a first aider please let one of the game team know.
  • If you have any allergies / medical conditions or if you need any medication for an ailment please let the marshals know at the start of the day.  All information will be treated in the strictest of confidences.
Whistle blows
  • 1 = starts the game.
  • 2 = warning lets you know if you're breaking any of the site or game rules.
  • 3 = game over / stop game followed by game game game mags out go safe.
  • Once game over is called make you gun / guns safe.
Sin bin policy
  • Anyone  found repeatedly breaking any of the game or site rules will be removed from the game for 5 minutes and if this behaviour continues they will be asked to leave site.
  • We take the safety of our players very seriously and as such serious breaches of safety , or persistent & serious breaches of the rules MAY lead to the offending party being banned from our sites.



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